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New hood upgrade to change things up

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Going two scoop hood, couldn't do black because it takes away on such a bright color car IMO.
I may have a wrap done on the scoops if I need it broken up a little bit....
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I liked my 2015 hood, just needed a change. I love the idea of ram air to the filter.
Upbaging Fail , lol.
Should have gotten the Demon Hood and they you could tell everyone it's a Super rare Narrow Body Demon 🤣🤣🤣
How is this hood upbadging?
Please feel free to explain....
Going redeye hood, couldn't do black because it takes away on such a bright color car IMO.
I may have a wrap done on the scoops if I need it broken up a little bit....
When did that start?
I have never seen a plain hellcat with a dual scoop hood before.
I have seen normal body and widebody redeye, that is it.
Obviously you wanted everyone to think it's a Red-eye, 😁
Lol I love these comments.
I wanted a ram air hood to the filter.
I thought it was a redeye hood, yes, but I could give a crap less if it was on a v6 car.
I would have maybe done a demon hood if they were available, not sure if i like it on a NB though.

My car eats redeyes for breakfast brother, no need to pretend.

Post a few pics of your ride and lets talk.
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Ron B - You do realize that all 2019+ non-RE hellcats also come with this hood to, right? He may have called it a RedEye hood (poor choice of words maybe) but it's just a Hellcat hood for 2019+ cars. Is it still really up-badging if you are putting a HC part on a HC?

GreenMachine15 - I had a theory that the 2019+ hoods wouldn't dissipate the heat as well and really didn't feel it would provide all that much better air since all HC have the ram air effect from a more positive air pressure zone in the fog light housing. I'm curious if you've seen higher/lower intake air temps, if they drop quicker while at speed and also if the car cools as well. I wouldn't expect it to run hotter while at speed but I did actually expect it to run hotter while sitting in traffic. Curious if my theory was wrong or not. Real world, I'm guessing they are pretty close to the same but since you've experienced both on the same car you'd be able to quantify that.
I wondered that as well the day we installed it. There has been zero change in IAT or coolant temps, and we had a week of very humid 90+ degree days.
I would be tempted to put a flat (as possible) hood with a classic Mopar Pro scoop on it, of course with built-in K&N and ducted tightly to the intake. One of the least-penalized areas of blocky aero mods is the hood in front of the windshield. But that scoop would have to be sturdy and really well-attached to the hood.
Lol at the upbadging 19 Scat came with the HC hood. Was upbadged from the factory I guess...LOL. Love the hood and love the color even more.
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The '21 Redeye hoods have air grates in the slots now which seems it would slow down the air.
Got my pins on my up-badged hood lol
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Still need to finish adjusting alignment, but very close.... View attachment 577601
View attachment 577602
Looks great! One fo the best colors ever.
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looking good. Should get my motor parts back from the machine shop this week. Man I hope so
it’s been 2 months since the mishap
this things gonna move now. Lol
heres a different hood.


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i love his car. he turned me on to m rollbar supplier
i really appreciate it. Great guy
Looks great! One fo the best colors ever.
Signature Hellcat color.
Ok Green. Carefull what you order for
I emptied the piggy bank on this build lol
i believe Mr. Breeze might give you a good run for the money.
im serving lunch and dinner. Redeye style!
Thanks for your support And friendship. Your the reason I stayed here.
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