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I was never really a car guy, I liked all the ones on the posters and the B-Series of the 70's were my favorite muscle cars. Recently I decided to buy and didn't really consider the Charger because a) what the F*** am I going to do with 707/650? and B) You can practically see the gas gauge going down. But in the end I went with a Charger for various reasons (ego), mostly because it always made me smile when I read it's ridiculous specs (Giant Viagra Pill). I couldn't find one to my tastes and trying to get a 21' build on a SPWB was looking less and less an option when by pure luck or kismet I found my build (except it had a sun roof) in a 2015 (oldest model I would go based on current design), had been well maintained, only 22k miles. I found my impossible find by fluke, only 3 or 4 HC's in the country are for sale in this option package so I was thrilled. I'll post pics soon. Next Build a 22' or 23' Redeye? Will there be a Redeye? and HOW DO I GET A GHOUL, WILL TRADE BODY AND SOUL JUST PM ME.

Thank you

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Lol Ghoul lol. Best April fool’s joke ever. So good that they’ve done it two yrs in a row.

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What exact option package? I ended up with a 2015 myself.
Don't have it set up to load but,

Granite Pearl ext
Warpspeed Granite wheels (so sick, the stock rims are great but I liked these better)
4 season tires (getting a set of track tires)
red calp breaks (Don't really care about that but looks good for resale)
Laguna Tan seats (black gets too hot in Texas)
HK Audio Group (more about the car but it adds value for resale)
Sun Roof (option I would not have chosen but I like it)
They got the upgraded Uconnect Nav Package (the other option I wouldn't have chosen it)
locking lugs
cargo net
carbon fiber
plus I paid for the Dodge dealer VCS Platinum plan, it's worth it to me.

Getting HC logo door lights Friday and am looking at Muchkey floormats, want the logo on them and "707/650"

It's not flashy so doesn't get the looks a Ferrari or Stingray, when you get close it's impressive. Gearheads and MOPAR guys jaw drop and heads whip around, freaking awesome.

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It's actually Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat, they call it Granite now I believe. It's pretty much the same options offered now except for wide body and the carbon fiber is different. The original trim spec's are:

2015 Charger SRT Hellcat
Customer Preferred Package 23T
Laguna Leather High Perform Seats Heat/Vented
heated steering wheel (why?)
Bla/Sepia Interior
HK Audio Group
Power Sunroof (wouldn't have chosen but I like it)
front/back Floor Mats (eh, gonna get some better custom w/ logo)
U connect Nav (crappy)
Warpspeed Granite Wheels (must have been purchased after because not listed on sheet)
Red Brimbo Breaks (no longer offered in HC, orange or grey now)
4 season Pirelli's (going to buy track tires for...track)
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