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new member from Georgia!

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Glad to be part of the Hellcat community! Atleast almost... Just placed my order today for the Challenger Hellcat! I've always wanted one! Question... Any Hellcat, Scatpack or the like groups around the Savannah, GA area? FYI... I ordered the Hellcat in the Sinamon stick color.
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Welcome, great choice of color! Did you order a Challenger or Charger? View attachment 594040
Definitely I ordered the Challenger! I cant wait!:)
Welcome to the Forum!
I hope you don't mind I gave tour title and Edit to add Georgia :)

I have been at different tracks racing and I know there are Groups from Georgia.

Hopefully some members will chime in!

Linda :)
I dont mind at all! Thanks for the help!
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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