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Hi All

Never thought I would get rid of my 1320 but I've wanted a HC since day one and today I finished the deal on a 2016 and drove it home. Been lurking a week and reading a lot and not at all new to Forums. Looking forward to hanging with you all, Thanks for having me....

You following me around ??

Seems I just read this post a few seconds ago somewhere else.......
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Congrats! Nice ride. Gotta ask… what’s the dilly with all the change on the floor mat?
It's a NY thing. Never heard of it before I moved to LI, never heard of it since. When I got my new Vette, I couldn't understand why everyone was throwing loose change into it! WTF! Why are you guys randomly throwing coins into my car! Between the console and seat, behind the seat, all over the place! It was for good luck. Unfortunately that car suffered an incident early in it's life, not a lucky car.

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