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I have wanted to replace my 'Cuda hemi for a long time. I had a 1970 in 1971 and kept it until 1975. I've had several great Mopars over the years. A 2007 super bee now awaits the final member to replace the 'Cuda.

It seems that the politics among dealers and the factory is going strong. After the initial order, I had to give a reason why I should be allowed to receive a Hellcat. This is strange because the dealer had two allotted spots.
My order has been in BX since Sept 9. The only thing that could have held it up was redline pearl. The sepia leather has been shipping as it can be seen in the lot outside Brampton. All other items have been available.
Even a retired company heavyweight could not get the other spot pushed along with mine.

Are there any others that have had storied orders like mine?
Hi want2. Unfortunately, there are several stories similar. I haven't heard the one about pleading your case...that is a dealer plot if I ever heard one. I was told when I ordered that the redline pearl was not going to be available until early next year. I do not know that for a fact, it is just what I was told. There are a lot of people on the forum that are confused and frustrated with their order, but as you indicated, quite a few are done and ready for shipping. Best of luck with your order. Many have found the SRT hotline to be very useful. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the forum! We love having long time Mopar fans and hearing their amazing stories.;)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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