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2015 Challenger, ported heads, blower Cam, 1050 injectors, upper and lower pulleys, dss driveshaft,
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Hello I’m Jason from central Texas. Just picked up a Challenger hellcat from my buddy in Al in NC. It has cam, injectors, upper and lower pulleys, ported heads, tune, eibach springs, driveshaft, halfshafts, 3.06 rear, diff brace, and a ton of smiles! I was a long time mbr in the early days of LX racing and had a 5.7 based stroker for me charger.
During that time I got of of the LX/LC world and started building older hot rods with modern drivetrains. I retired from the military 2 years ago and wanted to buy myself a gift... voila!! I look forward to relearning. Btw my old screen name was USCG Charger.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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