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New Ride (& Missing Power Dollars)

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So I am happy to be back apart of the FCA family for now at least.
Since 2015 I’ve had a Charger R/T, Charger Scat Pack, Challenger Scat Pack Widebody (miss that car), and a Mustang 5.0….
I have since moved to a Stelvio Veloce.
The R/T Charger was great just not enough power, Charger Scat Pack was a bit of problem child, Challenger got stolen that I didn’t even get to enjoy it much…. Mustang 5.0 was driven hard and enjoyed….
With all that being said they need to do Power Dollars one more time!
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I get it trust me. I am just basically saying the time when power dollars were around was a great time. At this point I doubt it’ll be anything we will see again…. But you do know they have cash rebate offers and finance offers on Durango’s, Challengers, Chargers right? (In my area at least)
They actually got rid of any incentives around here in NC this month unless you want a 6-banger. If the economy crashes maybe we’ll see heavy discounts again.

The crustangs are fun. Have owned a couple of them but just owning a ford made me feel just dirty or something. Was short lived and lost my ass on the 2nd one. There’s so many out there the resale sucked. I think it was the biggest beating I’ve taken on a car to date. Couldn’t give it away.
I didn’t lose much on my Mustang. You probably didn’t buy it cheap enough
I paid X plan on it minus whatever incentives were available at the time. It was actually a really hard car to get but shouldn’t have been. It was a triple black convertible stick shift 5.0. You’d think easy to get…was only 1 new available in the whole state. Should have been high demand when I sold but I guess I’m the only one that liked that setup!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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