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New Security Update - questions

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It seems info is lacking on this. My Dealer Service Dept was a bit clueless until I fill them in. They wanted $200 to install the new security update on my 2021 Redeye Charger. I complained I just received the car and he said I'll do it for free;

How long does it take? I'd hate to leave the car there all day.
How does the update work. I understand you need to type a a 4 digit number on your screen to unlock it. Must that be done every time? or just when you set it. Does it really reduce power to 5 HP?

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So. My 21 was stolen and just got replaced. I’m thinking of doing some fun stuff to a dummy. OBD plug. Say 48 volt lithium discharge should help charge his computer really fast! For now strap cover and different fasteners from aircraft, Starter relay bypass.
garage and “the club” for peace of mind and deterrent. These cars are addicting for sure!!!!
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