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Nitto Invo tires

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I have done a lot of research on rear tires for this badass car. I decided to go with the Nitto Invo 315/35/20 tire. It appears that this tire is made for high performance street cars with staggered fitment. Has anyone out there in the Hellcat world tried these tires..........I have them in my shop and they look awesome! (still waiting on the custom wheels) Please give me your thoughts for street application.
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Here is some drag racing info:)
Best drag radial for track?
No, the Pirelli Neros are not good for street..........will light up at 60+ mph!!!
The Nitto 555 G2 in a 315/35/20 is due to be released at any time. I have the 275's on the Cat now and they are an excellent option, when they are released.
i had the invos on my '10 rt. they didnt like just being on the back alone. the car felt unstable. it was better when I put them on the front as well but im still unsure of them. they worked ok but nothing like the N555's
Yes Sir. I've run the 345 Nittos on my Viper for the past 4 years and also when I had a Charger R/T....They are great all-season tires. I try to avoid being caught in the rain in the Viper, but the few times, they did very well. And yes, the Michelin Pilots are IMO 'the best' out there, especially if you are tracking your car. But I don't / rarely get to a track and I find the Nittos (especially the Invos) are a great tire and you can find them significantly less than the Pilots.

Just a heads-up, Discount Tire will price match. If you take /find the lowest price and bring the documentation in...Discount will honor/beat that price. I've had VERY good luck with them in Plano and they did a great job on my install. Only thing on the negative side is.....Discount tire does not do alignment--only installation. Best of luck. Those 305s are going to look nice on your hellcat. (Time for some mud flaps on the rear:)
So, how did these tires workout for you?
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