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Nitto Tires left over at Brampton? Do you think they will make it out to the dealer supply chain?

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So somehow Brampton still has plenty of Nitto's to put on 22 Super Stocks, plus you are going to be able to order a 23 Charger Scat Pack Wide Body with 18" Nitto's in 23. So do you think that whatever is left over after it is all said and done do you think the leftover inventory will make its way back into the supply chain? Follow-up question do you think that since Nitto says these are discontinued do you think that these tires will not have a production any later than 2022 or 2021
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They won't have leftovers, I'm sure their parts ordering specialists take it to the wire. Most modern factories utilize just in time parts ordering. They don't keep a warehouse packed full of tires, parts etc to pull as needed.
I want to agree with you but Nitto has stated the NT05 is discontinued. I worked in the industrial world for 38 years and called on dozens of tier-one suppliers and understand JIT. That being said suppliers would carry huge amounts of inventory especially when they was a change over from one year to the next. This was dictated by many OEM's for the start of the production year.
Like I said, there will be more soon…. Check with Discount Tire…. They have them in stock. 😎
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Discount Tire Direct still states out of stock but I will call your store in the morning.
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I just saw the same thing. Says I can get tires 1-5 days (not sure I believe it). Then it says they don't a demon.

What gives?

Right?? I have spoken directly with Discount Tire this morning and it is a no-go. I have Emailed Nitto and still waiting for a response. I have already ordered 20" Wheels and Conti DWS06 Plus to put on the car until I can locate additional DR's I don't want to lose any more of my remaining tread on my OE DR's.
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You're going to All Seasons because you drive in the winter? A BIG step back on traction.
I live in WV. So no real "winter driving" but we will do some fall trips up in the mountains to see the changing of the colors. Don't know if you have ever owned DWS tires but we have run them on several of our cars and they are a great tire. I really don't need to have traction for what we want to do with the car in the fall and spring. AS soon as I can find a set of replacement DR's they will go back on as soon as weather permits.
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