Plumcat ll. She has just turned 4k miles and was built last summer. I bought her new at Dan Cummins and drove her home. This is a factory ordered vehicle by me, with balance of full factory warranty until July 2025.

1. Finished in Helllraisin
2. Brass Monkeys
3. Harmon Kardon
4. Sepia Interior
6. Carbon Fiber/Suede Option
7. Full Nav package
8. JLT Rock guards (rear) Factory fronts
9. OEM special SRT Rocker Cover panels ( Driver and passenger side) (see photos)

The tires still have whiskers. This car has only seen rain once. Four coats of Mothers Carnauba wax applied. Still has the new car smell. The wheels are perfect.

MIleage history:

1. Return from Dan Cummins (1300 miles on secondary paved roads)
2. Trip to and from Big Bend National Park (and surrounding area) (2600 miles on secondary paved roads)
3. A few trips to town to run errands (200 miles)

The car is pristine, never raced, no burnouts, no tracking and no dragging.

Appreciate it.