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No more stock orders?

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I just had a dealer email me and say "Effective today, Chrysler won’t be scheduling stock orders for Charger and Challenger Hellcats. They must be sold orders to be scheduled for production." Any truth to that ResumeSpeed?
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How and why would you pay for a vehicle that has not been delivered to the dealer? It seems to be very risky to me. I also. Question the dealers ability to sell a car they do Not have. What if it is damaged during transit? Who pays for repairs?
Had this conversation here yesterday in another thread. I honestly don't know what is going through peoples mind handing over a car before the one you want is on the ground, in the flesh. Short of your family owning the dealership, this should never be done no matter how buddy-buddy you are with the dealer, how much money you have, or how many other cars you have to drive.
Yes it is true. The Dealer I'm dealing with, tried to put my order in and the System would not accept the order. He called his Rep. and was told to put the order in as a sold order and it went right through.

Errr, the dealer should have been doing that in the first place....why weren't they?? Your POC should have Your name and Address on the bottom, a Priority of Sold Order, and up top in the options listing there should be one option saying "Sold Order". Don't want to scare you, but keep the pressure on this dealer throughout, that would alarm me that they didn't know/do that simple process.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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