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No more stock orders?

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I just had a dealer email me and say "Effective today, Chrysler won’t be scheduling stock orders for Charger and Challenger Hellcats. They must be sold orders to be scheduled for production." Any truth to that ResumeSpeed?
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I hope something changes. They have been holding my and every othe built Hellcat at distribution points for more than a week. my FH759117 is bought and paid for but all I can do is look through a fence at the rail yard in Phoenix, AZ to see but not touch my car. Apparently, Dodge's leadership, demonstrating their infinite wisdom, decided to hire independent inspectors to check each Hellcat one more time. SRT Customer Service says they have no idea when the imbiciles above will lift the embargo!
440 Superbee, You are correct. I have been waiting a long time. I do have a VIN. I wanted to point out additional problems that may confront and delay delivery of their car. I am glad that I am past their point of frustration. Thank you
Theoretically you can't pay for it until it's delivered. It's not your car so you can't pay for it. You can give the dealership your money though which they can word like your paying for it now. But they could turn around and ask for 5k more when it arrives, cause it's not yours till the car arrives and the paperwork is signed.
I have paid the entire, (thousands over MSRP price), for the vehicle. I live two states away and went to Phoenix last week to make final payment and pick up the vehicle. SRT and Dodge said I would be able to take possession on 4 Feb 15. I saw the car in the rail yard. I just can not taouch the car, yet!
1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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