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NorCAL Hellcat meet

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Can one has a Hellcat in NorCAL

I am in San Francisco.

want to form a meet?
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i have my HC Charger and live in Sacramento i know a second Charger HC that is here also..... down for whatever
Near San Rafael. Am up for anything.....
I got my HC Challenger a couple weeks back and I'm in Folsom (near Sac).
Welcome to the Norcal Thread! . I ran into another forum member today on Hwy 80 coming back from Tahoe. Actually had a short conversation while driving in traffic along Hwy 80. Another good dude with a sweet B5 Hellcat Charger. Whose up for trying to do the SRT experience this November at Infineon Raceway. I would a great time to get as many of us as we can at that SRT experience. Put the face to the names and plan some future events.
Was mistaken about Infineon, but did find these remaining dates on the website. We should figure out what works best for us NorCal owners....

Willow Springs International Raceway — Rosamond, CA November 4, 2015 OPEN
November 5, 2015 OPEN
California Speedway — Fontana, CA November 13, 2015 OPEN
November 14, 2015 CLOSED
November 15, 2015 OPEN
Thunderhill Raceway — Willows, CA November 18, 2015 OPEN
November 19, 2015 OPEN
I am traveling quite a bit but if I am around I am down!
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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