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Not building boost when accelerating

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Help! I have a 16' at idle it reads vacuum fine but when I accelerate the boost gauge goes up to 0 and that's it. I don't hear any noises from the supercharger like others posted. Any ideas?
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They nailed it.
SC clutched pulley is junk and not engaging OR bypass valve is stuck open not letting SC build boost.
Take both belts off and spin the SC pulley.

It almost looks like something got wrapped into the pulley like a bag or something and jammed the clutched pulley up.
Seems odd that this could happen, but seems odd to even see plastic in there to begin with.
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Oh snap. Got a nice stock pulley for sale just like everyone else lol.
Likely everyone killed the dust cover taking it off.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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