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Here is my 2021 Gomango Challenger Red-eye Narrow Body. I ordered the car May 15 took delivery July 14. Car was trailered to my detail guy where it had a full paint correction, custom RT stripes and Modesto Ceramic coating applied, then finished of with Xpel Ceramic PPF on front bumper, front hood, A pillers, mirrors and the sides.

The only "Mods" are a Diablo Suspension Controller and Forgestar D5s with MT 305/45/17s.

I bought it to race in the 10.5 index class.
The car is fantastic and runs consistent 10.3s with mid 1.4 60ft on good tracks, with a best of 10.1, all while keeping me in full size car comfort 😁

Fresh out of the detail shop.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Being used as intended 👍
Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle
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