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New to the forum, hope you like the pics! 🤞🏼
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Car Vehicle Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel

Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Grille

The only mods besides the obvious cosmetics include mid muffler and rear muffler deletes with quad tips added and Legmaker intake. When the warranty is up, all hell is gonna break loose!! I’ve built some decently fast cars in my day, and NONE of them can hold a candle to this car, even stock.

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@thedynoguy I love the pictures with Good Backgrounds. Those yellow leaves are amazing!

Linda :)

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Here is my 2021 Gomango Challenger Red-eye Narrow Body. I ordered the car May 15 took delivery July 14. Car was trailered to my detail guy where it had a full paint correction, custom RT stripes and Modesto Ceramic coating applied, then finished of with Xpel Ceramic PPF on front bumper, front hood, A pillers, mirrors and the sides.

The only "Mods" are a Diablo Suspension Controller and Forgestar D5s with MT 305/45/17s.

I bought it to race in the 10.5 index class.
The car is fantastic and runs consistent 10.3s with mid 1.4 60ft on good tracks, with a best of 10.1, all while keeping me in full size car comfort 😁

Fresh out of the detail shop.
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Being used as intended 👍
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Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

...being used as intended
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