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2016 M6 White/Sepia - I call it "2NDBYT" because I got lucky enough to get a "second bite at the apple" with this one! Also -there's the double entendre there for anyone who decides to race me again after they get bit the first time - they get bit again by the 'Cat. ALSO - "second bite at the apple" refers to the legal concept of "Double Jeopardy," so as a litigator, I suppose this makes it a "Triple Entendre" for me.

OK - It's all kinda dorky, I know, but I own it. :)

The backstory: I bought this car in January of 2020 and 2 months later the world came to a screeching halt. My firm went 100% remote in March and I almost never drove the car after that. I hated just watching it sit in the driveway and I thought I needed a truck so in August I traded it in on an old LBZ Duramax and the equity that I made on the 'Cat in the 7ish months of owning it nearly paid for the truck! (Covid used car prices were bonkers back then and the dealer didn't really know what they had in the truck).

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago... I see MY Hellcat for sale on a Houston Honda dealer's website/CarGurus for basically the same amount that I got on trade for it 2 years ago (same VIN). I did a little quick research to make sure it hadn't been wrecked in the 2 years and then quickly bought it. I flew down to Houston and drove it back 5 days later (last week).

She is almost EXACTLY the same as she was when I trader her in except the interim owner removed the "D O D G E" from the trunk (which I hate and will soon reinstall).

I rarely regret selling a car (there is always something new on the horizon), but this one left a mark. I think she's a keeper.

Here she is...

Sky Car Cloud Tire Wheel

Vehicle Car Gear shift Automotive design Speedometer

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

For what it's worth, her "twin sister" so to speak was one reason why I regretted selling her. I had this 2016 White/Sepia Jeep GC SRT before I got the 'Cat and they were a match made in heaven. That's why selling her ultimately felt so wrong. :LOL:

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light

Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light


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