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Now on my second rear

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So I had my rear changed early on when I bought the car new. I had read that lot's of people were having issues with the lash setup. It has been running fine ever sense but then I started to develop a vibration. I'm now at 58,000 miles.

It seemed to come from the drivers front wheel so I put the car on my lift and first spun the tires with my hand and listened for any noise or difference with each side (Driver, Passenger) Then I looked at the sides of the tires (straight on) as I spun them to see if I had any wobble. Next I switched the tires Right and left and drove the car. As I did this I checked the rotors and brakes. Still had the vibration at low speed. No change when I put the brake on. So I switched the tires back. I also pushed up on the carrier bearing to see if I had movement (none).

So now I'm thinking Wheel bearing and brought it to the dealer.

They drove it and felt a slight vibration and when they put it on the lift under load they said they could hear the rear. He checked the part number for what they replaced the last time and what it calls for now. The part numbers are different. He said that they replaced the original rear with the same part that has now developed an issue. It's all under warrantee so they are replacing the rear again with the a new one.
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Well they put a rear in and the noise seems to be gone. I still think I feel it and hear it sometimes but it may be that I'm being overly critical or I'm psyching myself out. It definitely is not doing what it was before. So I'll continue to drive it and see if it comes back. If it is a wheel bearing it's only going to get worse so the noise and feel will get worse. Right now it feels good and sounds good. I have to keep in mind that this is not a Honda civic sedan with a cushy suspension.
We're happy to hear that your concern has been resolved by the dealer. Should this or any other concerns return in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Dodge Cares
Well not so fast. Today i drove the car again and it still has the noise at about 30 mph costing. The dealer told me to bring it in again. I'm still thinking wheel bearing. Not doubting that the rear had issues as well. We shall see. I set up an appointment on Monday. Tomorrow I've got a car show with my older Charger.
Sorry to hear that. Please feel free to keep us updated.

Dodge Cares
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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