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I had the NT555RII in 315/35R20 on a set of 11” wide BC Forged wheels and it was a night a day difference over the stock all seasons!

PS the wheels and tires are for sale since I now have a TRX

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I have them on 20x10.5 PK auto replicas in a 305-35-20. They are pretty well rounded tires.

- Have driven them in the rain with no issues even been up to 70 mph highway speeds in the rain with no sense of feeling insecure with them.

- To give you a general idea on what the traction is like, depending on the street surface, they have hooked as low as a 2nd gear 30 roll with minor spin and recovered quickly. 2nd gear 40 rolls were pretty much a dead hook. These roll speeds were done on a stock power Hellcat. They will be a hell of a difference vs the stock P-zeros.

- I have used them on the drag strip for a little while and have gotten 1.6 60fts with them at around 18-20 psi in them.

- They improve the aesthetics of the car and look beefier in the rear with the aggressive tread pattern as opposed to a regular street tire look of course.

- I have 6k miles on them and there down to just about the wear bars, so I'm due for another set. This includes daily driving on them and had done several burnouts with them at the track. They probably would have lasted longer without all the burnouts now that I have a separate set of track wheels/tires for the track.

- 26-28 PSI in them seemed to be good for the street setup and traction was fairly well.

- To my surprise cornering really isn't all that bad with them as well for a drag tire.

Here's a few shots of them when I had a fresh set and the other two pics with some dirt on them.

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