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NZ Mid January

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Hi this cat is due here mid January, and we are on the other side of the world in New Zealand. That price works out to $105 US. Less $10k for gst tax, we have to pay on imports. Plus probably 5-10k to actually import it. So that's getting close to a 20k+ markup. I'm not the dealer just posted for pure interest! In fact I'm just a Hellcat wannabe haha. I thought it was pretty amazing we were even going to get one in our small country so soon. Better start saving my pennies!
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Holy smokes $135,000 wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea at $105,000 US thats about a $25,000 markup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's more than that, try a $40k markup. Mine, loaded with every option except a Satin hood was a $65k MSRP.
I'm sure that's a dealer that ordered one personally or someone ordered one, to send to NZ to make $$$$$. Surely that's not Dodge shipping it over there, when even Canadian orders aren't filled yet...let alone the overwhelming amount of orders in the US.
Yeah it's just a private dealer, not a dodge specific one , but they do have about 60 new American muscle cars in stock. They are also bringing a manual hellcat over. My wife and I figure it would be cheaper going to the states on holiday and picking one up off the yard and still have change.Dreams :)
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You are right. Even if you buy from one of the greedy dealers for $20k over and pay the shipping costs back to NZ. If it were me...I'd wait till March...probably save $10-15k US for the same game plan. The hype will die down and all this $20k over MSRP BS will be over with. Even the HC's on ebay are not bringing the reserves they are wanting now. I saw one end last night, they were wanting $79, only made it to $70,100...that's only $5k over MSRP for a car that exists, that you could pick up at a dealer...if it's dropping that much on ebay...dealers will soon figure it out when they discover that all of a sudden they have HC's sitting on their lots for 3+ weeks...

And on a side note, I've always wanted to visit NZ...fascinating country. I've been as close as Bangkok, but would love to visit someday...
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Well March would probably be a good time to come down then, you could escort my then reasonable priced HC to NZ. Haha
You and all HC members can count on having a place to stay in NZ if you need!
I may take you up on that. I've always wanted to visit NZ and AU. If you are going to come here...I live in the exact middle of the US, in Oklahoma. I have 3 upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom you are welcome to. Basically the whole second floor will be yours.
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