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OEM Brass Monkey wheels (4) w/ new tires (No shipping)

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Have decided to locally sell the original wheels from my 2015 Charger Hellcat.
$1700 - No shipping will be considered. Coordination for meetup will be done.
Located in Northern Virginia.

If not paying cash, all buyer protections will be observed for funds transfer, fees paid by buyer

Please don't insert sidebar commentary. Legitimate sale related inquiries only.

New tires with 50 miles on them just installed prior to removal for my current set.
Atturo AZ850 in stock size 275/40-ZR20

Four 20x9.5 original MOPAR wheels with center caps and OEM TPMS included.
Mounted, balanced and ready to install and roll.
Wheels have been treated inside and out with F11 and makes cleanup easy.

Including the TouchUpDirect paint pen that works very well on covering up future nicks.
Pant code is PTS 944157 Burnished Bronze.

Wheels are not perfect as they are on third set of tires mounted and have been driven,
but neither are they destroyed or unsightly for showing off the color of the BM finish.
No bends or balancing issues at all.

Will add more photos throughout the day as available.

Front wheel on my car, not showing the new tires in this image.

Sidewall view of new tires and wheel face

Placeholder for tire stack

Placeholder for tread edge
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How much for shipping to 78641? 馃榿

Just don't take PP friends and family from anyone you don't know is good for it. Recently learned even that can be recovered after the fact.
he's gonna yell at you for that, but yea you're right don't trust easily. I just scammed Frosty out of some money for a box of dead flowers.

also, sorry for the sidebar commentary but this is bumping your post higher on the front page after all..
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To the top.

Someone snag these wheels this is a legit seller.
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