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OEM Hellcat Brembo Brake Pad Set

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I have for sale a complete set of OEM Hellcat Brembo Brake Pads. Took them off my 2020 Charger Hellcat at approximately 500 miles when I switched to ceramics.

$140 shipped
P.S. shipping prices have gone up like everything else, it cost me $11 each last month to ship my 3lb sto n show brackets 2 states over via ups ground!


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Hot dang those are some pretty-looking pads.
Why thank you.

Take out estimated shipping and I'd say it's $120 for a complete set, front and back, of OEM brembo pads almost new. I had no idea their current value so searched here.馃し
Are you happy with the new pads?
Very happy, first thing I do with every SRT and Hellcat I've bought. Hate the dust and stopping power on the street is equal if you ask me.

Many folks like the OEMs for track days...or just preference, and if you buy them through Mopar the price is insane!
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Happen to have a picture of the top edge, inside of the rear pads? Are they the cut back ones? Thanks.
I'm not aware of what you are referring to but here's a pic.


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I'll do $100+ shipping, I'll add whatever UPS ground says it is. If you have a shipping account/want to make the label and want to send me the label you paid for, will do that too.
Still available. Damn, these use to sell fast 馃槦
They gone.
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