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OEM Hellcat Brembo Brake Pad Set

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I have for sale a complete set of OEM Hellcat Brembo Brake Pads. Took them off my 2020 Charger Hellcat at approximately 500 miles when I switched to ceramics.

$140 shipped
P.S. shipping prices have gone up like everything else, it cost me $11 each last month to ship my 3lb sto n show brackets 2 states over via ups ground!


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Are you happy with the new pads?
I did the same. Best thing I've done with the car besides drive it lol.
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For the dust factor or better stopping?
Purely the dust factor. Absolutely gloriously dust free lol. Stopping power hasn't really changed for me on the last three Challengers that I installed them on, although if you were to road course the car you wouldn't want ceramics. Heat fade can be an issue over repeated high mph slow downs that a race track usually provides.
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10-4 no track time for me...........and I really like the idea of not needing to clean brake dust every other trip out You got the brand off the top of your head
Power Stops. Tons of threads here on them. Get em on your car, your back will thank you later lol.
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