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OEM Hellcat snout with OEM pulley

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Does anyone happen to know how much a stock Hellcat snout with OEM pulley is worth? It’s in perfect working condition and has 10k miles on it. Came off a 2016 Challenger Hellcat. Thank you.
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I’m actually in the process of buy one and I’m just making sure I don’t overpay.

I will give you $300 shipped for it. Don’t really care about the pulley. Let me know

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I'm thinking that CatDaddyB5 is probably in the ballpark. I was thinking about $350 give or take depending on someones desperation. You can have yours rebuilt to better than new and even ported for about $700 through a couple reputable companies or about $100 if you have the ability to DIY. As such I can't see to many people willing to pay much more than $300-$400 for a used one.
Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it.
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