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Oem IC pump concerns after ice box install.

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Hello everyone, I recently installed a BMR icebox and I cannot get it clear of air. I’ve tried every trick in the book and what’s recommended by BMR.
Issue 1: I get movement at idle (water in the box and pressure out the blower bleed valve. As soon as I test drive half way down the block “ic fluid low” hits and the pump STOPS working. Does the OEM pump run harder (flow more) in drive, causing a large pocket to move that don’t at idle? Could the pump be shot? 10k miles on the car.
issue two: if I completely remove the bleeder valve on the blower water comes out (at idle) like a faucet not a hose. I was expecting more velocity? Sign of bad pump or normal?
issue 3: has anyone swapped the oem pump for an EMP in the stock location?
I have a 1/2 NPT tap/drill coming so I can modify the BMR box lid/cap to be vacuum filled (or at least attempt that).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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What brand throttle body is that man? Loving it! Yes, a few people have swapped for a reprogrammed emp pump. What you could try to do is vaccum fill the system (which is recommended by Dodge), but you would need to make a custom fitting for the ice box, so not sure how it would work
It’s from Late Model Throttle out of Wisconsin
I installed both the BMR tank and the bwoody heat exchanger and initially forgot to purge the system with the bleeder valve on the blower. I got that "IC fluid low" too. I bled it until fluid came out, and then it all worked as it should.

When I bled it, the water came out like a faucet, as you say, with not much velocity, so I don't think that's unusual what you are describing there.

Is the hose on the back of the tank kinked? Did you use a 45 degree fitting rather than the straight one that comes with the kit, and a hose with a 90 degree bend in it? Could there be an obstruction there?
Good too know about the bleeder flow I was hoping someone would comment on that. The rear line is perfect no kink or anything. I’m attempting the custom port for vacuum today. Either it’s taking in air somewhere (but there are no leaks or seepage), still has air, or the stock pump is having issues. The stock pump is just not impressive…
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I think the problem is the pump itself, not air being in the system. I don't think the pump can handle the additional head pressure, from talking to various performance places online. Mine was the same way, When I first installed, seemed like there was good movement of water, but then pretty quick it just is hardly moving. I have used the vacuum tool numerous times, but it's just lack of water flow at this point. I was also told that if the pump air locks, then they don't last too much longer usually.

There is no aftermarket bolt up IC pump that I have come across. I am installing the CWA400 (nobody has the EMP) this week.

The CWA400 pump is $325.00. I talked to BMR fab and FI and neither are very positive about the stock pump. It's designed for the stock system.

I will be posting on the CWA400 install later this week. Going to have to make a bracket and do some creative plumbing from the looks of it.
I shit canned the BMR and did a custom tank in the truck and kept the oem pump in-line even with the pump at the ice tank. No issues and I have the aftermarket pump on a switch if I turn it off the oem pump moves the water still
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that clear hose collapsing with the suction of the pump causing cavitation maybe.
That’s the new setup not the old w BMR tank. And the clear hose is much stronger than coolant hose.
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