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Oem IC pump concerns after ice box install.

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Hello everyone, I recently installed a BMR icebox and I cannot get it clear of air. I’ve tried every trick in the book and what’s recommended by BMR.
Issue 1: I get movement at idle (water in the box and pressure out the blower bleed valve. As soon as I test drive half way down the block “ic fluid low” hits and the pump STOPS working. Does the OEM pump run harder (flow more) in drive, causing a large pocket to move that don’t at idle? Could the pump be shot? 10k miles on the car.
issue two: if I completely remove the bleeder valve on the blower water comes out (at idle) like a faucet not a hose. I was expecting more velocity? Sign of bad pump or normal?
issue 3: has anyone swapped the oem pump for an EMP in the stock location?
I have a 1/2 NPT tap/drill coming so I can modify the BMR box lid/cap to be vacuum filled (or at least attempt that).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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@fumanchu182 had similar problems with that tank and made up some kind of adapter to allow it to be vacuumed down to get the air out. Seems odd you'd have to go that far, but is what it is I guess.
I've always just run the IC pump on high and bled the system from the bleed screw on the top of the blower. Took a few drive cycles of topping up the IC res to normailize. Vacuum would be quicker and easier for sure so I may snag a tool for my upcoming project.
Got a PN for the tool?
Totally getting this.
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