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OEM Stock Mopar Demon Air-Grabber Hood

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Had this Demon hood installed on my 2019 Redeye and it fit perfectly. It added a nice amount of airflow compare to the dual scoop hood it came with.
Painted black with 4 coats of clear. Air-Grabber sticker was installed before the clear coat was added. Has the upgraded air scoop installed and currently in the Mopar box it came in. The hood was also ceramic coated so the water just rolls off. I have $4,000.00 invested in the hood with paint included etc. however, I would consider a best offer as I have sold my 2019 Redeye.

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That's got to be scam outta of China. Even at a buy in minimum of 5 hoods @ $220 ea, I don't see how that's possible.
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Ya think?


Almost worth letting pay pal hold a grand for 4 weeks to find out tho huh?

Don’t do it!
Did you get full asking price for the hood?
Hello Boosted, one of our team members (great guy) came and picked it up and was very satisfied with the hood and then some as I had other rare Demon parts that he took with him as well. It fit perfect on his car and he was very happy with it as I was. Best regards
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