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Hey yall.

I am unhappy with the OEM "theft alarm" implementation and unhappy that other FCA cars get ultrasonics and a tilt sensor.
I ended up taking apart my upper console on my charger for a dashcam install and saw it actually had provisions for the ITM (Intrustion detection module thingy) including locations to mount the ultrasonic sensors. So I decided to buy one of these ITM modules on ebay and see if I can retrofit it.

Yes I know, go buy a real car alarm; got it.

First a look inside at the intrustion module:

Small little plastic box with two ultrasonic sensors hanging off of it.

Inside the module are a couple of interesting things:
1) a gyro. (didn't know this module also did tilt sensing until I saw this.)
2) either a microphone or a barometer (not quite sure yet)


Connections are super simple: 12v, ground, canbus H/L, and a siren control line.
So I ended up making a cable that connects to this module and then to the OBD2 port for canbus access. Added on a obd2 splitter so I could attach the module and my obdlink to the double bypass in the trunk:


Finally, I did my configuration using alphaobd and set up the sensors so I could access them through an open rear window:

Tested it and Success!!!

I think I will wait to see if the rumors of the new security update are true that we will get a dealership installed ITM before I proceed further with actually properly mounting this module in my car. If those rumors turn out false, I will probably just install this module permanently in my car.
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