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Oil change after factory dyno time?

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Does anyone know if they dump the oil after the factory dyno run? Just want to know so I can change immediately after delivery, or wait for 500 miles.
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the oil is fine, follow the manual.
That is not what I asked, that is your opinion.
I need to contact srt about a free oil change
I'm with you, any engine builder worth a shi# always changes the oil after the initial break in. Let alone a dyno session at 90% load for 42 minutes or whatever it is. Oil and filters are cheap a supercharged Hemi is not.

Just like my 14 Ram Cummins the manual says every 8000 miles I believe. That's fine I you don't want it to last. Every 5k with full synthetic for me. I guess I just care about my stuff.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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