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I've seen some old posts on Oil Leak problems some of you have experienced.
Having the same issue on my 2019 Redeye (Built February 2019). Discovered the Leakage on the garage floor coming out of storage this year at 4,753 miles. Took it in for the oil change and saw oil up and around the passenger side of the oil pan and pooling near the RMS.
Wiped it down, Tech checked the Torque Specs on the Oil Pan and they checked out ok.
Decided to drive it a bit more to see if that was the issue and at 5,150 miles no leakage by the pan, but by the RMS it is pooling...Not a lot, but clearly enough there to indicate a problem. Taking it in next week to hopefully find the problem and resolve.
Can anyone share with me your experience/s with this type of issue and how it was resolved.
I know MM77 and Bloodcat went back and forth on an old post from 2020.
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