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2020 Challenger SRT Hellcat Manual
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Been reading through many discussions regarding oil plug and oil cooler plug replacement with after market products such as Dimple magnetic plugs but still have the following questions:

1. Can I get replacement gaskets for the OEM plugs? If so, where and please provide part #. I don't see a need to replace the entire plug just because the seal is worn. I see Fel-Pro makes some but not sure if they have exact fit.

2. Do the Dimple plugs come with the same rubber seal/gasket as the OEM plugs? If yes, do they sell replacement seals/gaskets? If no, what is the seal/gasket made out of?

3. Also, a past thread identified the plug sizes for ordering dimple but can someone confirm if the below is in fact correct? Pictures are from the Dimple website.

- Oil pan M14x1.50x16
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- Oil cooler M12x1.75x21
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