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Ok, here we go again. Another couple of possibilities on purchasing for me...

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Last GM flaked out, where they supposedly didn't have anyone in line in front of me, to place an order. Started another search today, contacted 20 or so dealers. Out of that, 2 responded with possible options that didn't have a crazy ADM and had cars on-lot or inbound, or a short waiting list for orders. Currently I have an order in at a small local dealer, over 2 months now, still just a VON. And there are 2-3 other orders in front of me.

Dealer #1, supposedly has 3 inbound, started at $7k over MSRP, I thought I'd counter with $1k over and see where it goes. One he wants to keep, the other two could be 're-routed'...first red flag. One is the color that is my first choice. I asked him for the specs on those two but never got them from him since 1:00 today, supposedly swamped by customers...2nd red flag. So I'm going to call the GM at this dealer tomorrow, hopefully to get the straight scoop.

Dealer #2, has delivered at least one HC, and only has one person in line in front of me to place an order. This salesman was very responsive, seemed to be legit and knowledgeable. I'm going to get with him tomorrow. If all goes well, $1000 deposit, refundable until VIN is issued, $1000 over MSRP. If it pans out, I will talk to him about naming him here. Maybe someone can get an order in behind mine?

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
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