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Older Hellcat questions

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I have a stock, 2016 Hellcat coupe. Wanting to put the MT/ET next. Do I need a wide body kit to accommodate the MT? & if so, can I use my stock rims?
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I've seen people stuff 315's in a NB but many of them report having to tweak some things to make them not rub.
You have to start with the correct offset rim for one thing.

Possibly spacers and minor wheel well adjustments. Don't know if they had to roll the wheel well lip with the baseball bat trick.

It depends on the specific tire too as well as the size.
There is nothing to roll on the rear of a NB Challenger.
Maybe not, I believe you.

I haven't looked at the wheel wells in my car that close.

Would be cool if I could stuff 315's in the back (2016 HC Challenger NB).
I was thinking 20x10.5 or 20x11 new rims, but that's probably a bit much.
May just go with a 305 tire on a 20x11 rim.

Very nice setup on your car.

Did you have to change brakes in the back to run the 17's?

What 17" rim is that?

What are you running in the front, stock 20's?
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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