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opinions on blacked out hood

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im considering the blacked out hood....i like my racing stripes and the hellcat is rather plain jane w/o love to get the blacked out hood.....the only fear i have is waxing it and caring for think it would wax funny and show swirls and scuffs....and possibly chip easier

anyone have any experience with flat black paint?

also wish the blacked out look continued to that little painted strip in front of the the AAR cuda did....if i get the hood i may have that little strip repainted
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I am waiting on the evil black hood, I would have my car by now if I did not order it. I read the service bulletin from RS and it sounds like a big pain in the rear end. Must be careful with it. Never ever go to a car wash. If you get bugs or tree sap on it there are only a few products you can use.

I am still going ahead with it.
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