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Hello all!

I'm look for constructive opinions, yay or nay from folks who are knowledgeable on setting up custom offsets, lowering etc on the build im doing with the measurements and reaserch I have conducted and to work with the ADS (active dampening system) on my 2019 Charger Hellcat. So far I belive them to be correct to give nice stance and a tight fitment. (No I am not a widebody) and want to hear what those experienced think for I have only done this once before and it was years ago on an old 5th gen camaro SS. The hellcat is currently on a lift undergoing massive aero kit and next week going into a shop to get an exhaust job done so I figured a few weeks of constructive opinions and help would suffice from the community as I tweak the build, and take advice while it's down for its current modifications. I'm trying to not be extreme or complex with the build and simple as possible.

The build process goes as follows

Eibach pro kit coilovers
1 1/2 lowered in front and 1 3/4 in the rear
(Claims to be for hellcat and compatible with the shocks)

Tire size (haven't decided on brand yet going back and forth on a few good street tires) 275/40r20 in front and 315/35r20 in back


Ferrada fr3 (bronze)
Front: 20x10.5 +15 offset
Back: 20x11.5 +15 offset
(Based on measurements I figured the +15 offset would counter the extra width and fit to the fender or just right behind it with the stock camber front and back)

And in the back wheel I would add a small spacer 3mm or .25" for fitment.

I figured with it being lower and the measurements would make good fitment and compliment the full aero kit.

I had also read that lowering the car below 1 inch can cause issues with the driveline and differential, but this has been found to my avail with no real proof for I see no major flaws and those I've seen on other threads talking about their lowered hellcats have the many saying no problems with several thousand miles and the select few claiming problems.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Tweaks? Am I on the right track and don't change anything?

Much appreciated for your thoughts and constructive ideas folks!
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