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Ordered a TRX the other day

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700+ HP truck on the street, makes about a much sense as a 700+ HP SUV or a 800+ HP Challenger.............I want it and I will love it 馃ぃ
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Congratulations on your TRX.

Yep I really wanted a TRX but it wouldn't fit in my garage. Ended up with a Trackhawk.

Still thinking if I move and buy a place with a bigger garage it will be a TRX.
(y) (y)
Actually of all the platforms that run a Hellcat motor, the TRX makes the most sense. The power is much more controllable, you can use the truck for truck stuff, and use it year round. Seems to me you made a responsible adult decision. 馃槀
That's kind of the pitch I gave to my wife but it's gonna cost me she leveraged me with getting some home improvements done , we built it 25 ago so I can't turn down doing it . I've never had a problem spending money on toys/racing stuff but adult things I'm tight 56 now never gonna change......I'm not all bad though I did put 2 girls threw college Ones a CPA and the other a nurse practitioner. Very very proud Daddy I am :)
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I鈥檓 still waiting for the Hellcat Van, the 鈥淕rocery Hawk!鈥
The horn on a " Grocery Hawk" needs to sound like a Cougar 馃槒
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