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Ordering opens tomorrow for 2023 SS

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Just got the call this afternoon. Planning Destroyer Gray with a black hood and performance spoiler. When do you think I will see it next year?
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We’ll just got off the phone with the dealer. No SS allocation for them even though they have sold dozens of SS cars in the past 2 years. Build numbers will be very low on red eyes, jailbreaks and SS cars. I ordered a widebody Hellcat…with the very real possibility that it will be a M6. Detroit said that is a priority for the last of the Hellcats. I said if I can get a last year M6 I want one. Decided on Red Octane with Alcantara interior, painted hood, SRT spoiler, etc…

I’ve got faster cars to drag race. I would simply like to have one of the last Detroit muscle cars to play with on the street and the strip.
That makes no sense to me. If you k ow this is the last year why wouldn’t you load up on the most expensive versions.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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