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Ordering Problems

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I'm not sure of what anyone else may have experienced when trying to order a hellcat, but here in southern California its been a disaster.
I first talked to a dealer in July about ordering, and they quoted the price as MSRP, and said they would contact me when the order time neared. I heard nothing back from them, so I finally called. They said for me to get in right away (that day) to place the order and were sorry for not getting back to me. I went in that day and sat down with a brand new salesman. Quickly I was approached by the sales manager who said there would be a $5000 dealer mark up. I said that I was quoted MSRP, and gave him the name of the person who quoted me. After a little shuffling they took my order by writing it in a sheet of notebook paper and said they would be in touch. I called back 2 weeks later because I didn't hear from them, and they apologized and said they were only allocated 3 cars and that they were sold to people who placed an order before I did, but they were still trying to get me one.
I went to another dealer and was told flat out that they could get me one, but there was a $15,000 mark up. I passed. I then filled out a "Build your own" car on the Dodge site, and was contacted by another dealer who said they were only getting one, and there was nothing I could do, and they all had mark ups.
I saw the name Columbiana Dodge, which is in Ohio, on a discussion thread, and contacted them. Immediately they responded and within a day I ordered a new hellcat at MSRP, and I received an order number quickly. I'm hoping for a VIN, but at least I'm making headway.
I am a long time Mopar guy, and to say that I am disappointed with dealers in my area is an understatement. Dodge Chrysler Plymouth was a working mans car (well, maybe not Chrysler) for a long time, and to see the level of professionalism at dealers in my area is a disgrace. There was a time when the Dodge brand was the 2nd largest manufacturer of cars, only behind Ford. Wow, has that changed. I will gladly pay the shipping to California when the car arrives in Ohio, but only wish I could get it serviced somewhere than a So Cal Dodge dealer. I don't care to support them in any way at all.
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There was a day when car salesmen were true salesmen, but that seems to have passed. It makes more sense to me for a dealership to sell 5 cars at MSRP, than 1 at a mark up. I would have people lined up waiting to place an order, and taking everyone of them. Then I would call Tim...whatever his last name is, the Dodge CEO, and push for my customers cars. But what do I know.
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