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We recently had a Trackhawk in to perform a series of performance modifications and custom OST Dyno PCM and TCM tuning. With the installation of the OST Level 2 package the results with tuning on 93 octane were truly amazing!

All of the Trackhawk Packages that are offered by OST dyno can be purchased online here:
Trackhawk Packages

In this final test segment we installed our standard Level 2 Package for Hellcats/Trackhawks.
Our Level 2 package includes a Metco 2.85 upper pulley, ATI 10% overdrive lower pulley and ID1050 injectors.
We also applied our standard OST Dyno PCM and TCM tuning (also available via email tuning - Remote Tuning Requirements and Policies )

OST Dyno has been selling, installing and tuning our 6.2 Hemi modification packages since 2015 with excellent results. We have also been selling these same packages for Trackhawks to shops and customers since early 2018.

OST Dyno has also been remote tuning Trackhawks around the globe for almost a year but have not had this opportunity to take one individual vehicle and apply all of our packages allowing for truly accurate test results. This is the same strategy we previously used on our shop Hellcat which has allowed us to develop highly accurate PCM and TCM tuning packages used on 100's of Hellcats and Demons around the world.

Added bonus:
With our Mustang AWD dyno we are also able to perform 1/4 mile testing.
In 2wd mode the test results from our dyno for 1/4 mile pulls are generally within .1 - including cars as quick as 8 seconds in the 1/4.
In 4wd mode all the vehicles we have attempted 1/4 mile tests with were too powerful to secure to the dyno for accurate test results (i.e. 1400+ crank HP). The actual 1/4 mile results are unverified until we test this Trackhawk in the Spring when our local tracks open.

We also used the Performance Pages to record results in our 1/4 mile testing. The ET's displayed were always .2 or more quicker than what the dyno was reporting. We have been informed by remote tuning customers that run their Trackhawks at the drag strip that the Performance Pages results are generally within .05-.1 but have not verified this personally.

Previous test results can be found here:
Stock vs. Stock w/OST Tuning:
Stock vs. Stock w/OST tuning vs. Hellraiser pulley:

Our test results using 93 octane and the OST Level 2 package are as follows: (dyno graphs below)
The results were impressive to say the least! Look at the huge gains across the entire RPM range!
- All Wheel HP = 707 (look at the gains across the board!)
- 1/4 mile ET on the dyno = 10.8
- 1/4 mile ET on Performance Pages = 10.4

Test Subject:

Quarter mile dyno pull:

Dyno graphs comparing Stock vs. OST Level 2 w/OST Tuning.

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