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P0171 error

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I am continually getting a P0171 error, left bank lean. AFR gauge reads fine, around 13.5. Yes I have upgrades including 1050 injectors and Magnuson Blower. I have had the O2 sensors replaced under a recall, no change. I have swapped out all MAP sensors. The pressure sensor on the intake hose threw a code, replaced it. It was intermittent now comes back after right resetting. Fuel pump maybe. Guess I could find a gauge and try checking, what pressure sjould I see?
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Try clearing the error and then drive it slowly around town and see if the code comes up again. If not, then give 'er the beans and see if that sets the code. Could be a bad injector (or missing or folded o ring). Check and reflash the tune.

And you had a bad pressure sensor?

Recheck that for correct part number and function.
You may need a shop with a good diagnostics computer.

Also look for any vacuum leaks or PCV trouble.
That would allow unmetered air into the system.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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