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P0171 error

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I am continually getting a P0171 error, left bank lean. AFR gauge reads fine, around 13.5. Yes I have upgrades including 1050 injectors and Magnuson Blower. I have had the O2 sensors replaced under a recall, no change. I have swapped out all MAP sensors. The pressure sensor on the intake hose threw a code, replaced it. It was intermittent now comes back after right resetting. Fuel pump maybe. Guess I could find a gauge and try checking, what pressure sjould I see?
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I threw a code on the one on the intake tube but cleaned it and it went away. I decided to change it just the same. I can get my friend to check the injectors, as I have a really hard time getting them unplugged I did pull the fuel rail on that side and had to replace an o-ring that i messed up. :(
I do not have a tune to reflash with. Yes, it is custom.
I also had the issue before
replacing the SC and fuel rails??
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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