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P2626 Diagnostic Code

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My 2017 Hellcat threw up a P2626 error code yesterday. I called the dealer and the earliest I can get an appointment is 3 weeks. Can I use the car or will I be doing some damage?

The car seems to run fine and I cannot detect any change in driving.
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Thanks for responding!

My car is an A8 and is stock (no engine mods).. I do not have a tool to reset the codes. And I live on the Big Island in Hawaii and no Autozone around.
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I was just cruising along at about 45 in traffic when the light came on. And yes, it is the only code I have.
My Service Department gave me double talk. "Probably okay to drive". I guess I will drive it if I need to but otherwise sit and wait.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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