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P2626 Diagnostic Code

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My 2017 Hellcat threw up a P2626 error code yesterday. I called the dealer and the earliest I can get an appointment is 3 weeks. Can I use the car or will I be doing some damage?

The car seems to run fine and I cannot detect any change in driving.
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P2626 is a O2 sensor code, you have a M6 possibly? Stick cars will throw this code usually going down hill engine braking for a long stretch, usually if too rich and at -32% fuel trim (the max) and sensing still too rich You tuned or stock? Could be a bad or fouled O2 sensor as well if you are stock, could be a faulty injector not shutting off completely, could be too much fuel pressure from a faulty FPCM or tune setting if you’re tuned. Need more details on your car. You have a diagnostic tool to reset it? If not stop by a auto zone and have them scan it snd reset it, it may not come back.
Where you manually down shifting the auto when the cell occurred? Do you use octane boosters with MMT? I’ve experienced this code with brand new O2 sensors so don’t go and replace them yet. My issue though was tune related, too rich at idle. If the issue is not there the cel will go away on its own after a few start and drive cycles. Is that the only code present? Did you right arrow your way over to end of list?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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