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Paddle Shifter Sticking in Gear.

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2015 Hellcat Challenger. 26K miles. Stock. No mods.

Has anyone experienced issues with their paddle shifters sticking in gear or not shifting to the correct gear? I use the paddle shifters fairly regularly when navigating corners and / or traffic. About a year ago I had the whole paddle shifter unit replaced as the right side shifter would gear down instead of up - usually when trying to shift from say 4th to 5th and having it downshift to 3rd instead. All seemed fine after replacement until this past weekend when the right shifter started sticking in gear. Sometimes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Still under extended warranty. Would love some intel before I take it back to the either the dealer or 3rd party mechanic.
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Get it to the dealer; some of the early HCs have an update to address some paddle issues...
And he’s already had some of not all of the paddles.
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