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Painted to match

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I was wondering where everyone is getting their fuel rail covers painted to match their car. I'd like to get mine painted F8 to match my car. Do you have fuel rail covers painted F8 I'd love to see them
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I traded for the Powered by SRT covers though and Really don't understand how the Scat Pack cars come with them and the SRT cars came with the 392 HEMI covers. It's kind of backwards to me. You could always call around locally for a body shop that could do what you wanted.

I had our 2015 SRT 392 covers done in the body color (Granite) and the stripes and HEMI in silver to match the stripes on the car and then painted the 392 in the same color red that the 392 on the fender is. I think that it turned out Great and brought all of the outside colors into the engine bay. It looked Very cohesive. The 392 color actually matched the 6 piston Brembo calipers nicely too. It killed two birds with one stone.

Here's a quick chop of yours the way that I did ours. It's pretty simple but the colors played well together:

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