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Pairing a phone - WTH? Hellcat won't pair with my phone!

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My 2013 SRT8 Charger paired just fine with my Note 3, but the Hellcat won't. What gives? The phone isn't an old model, so that's not it. Yes, the Note 4 came out recently, but the Note 3 is still being sold.
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Yes. But then it says "unable to communicate with Uconnect". It never had this problem before.
There is no old profile. Its a new car.
Or switch to an iPhone. Lol:eek::D
Not gonna happen! :D
This just happened in the 15 hellcat my husband deleted my phone and reconnected it again, and it worked. ..I have an android .
Wish I could delete it and try again. ...but it won't recognize it for the first time so there's nothing to delete.
My bluetoof module was bad. They replaced the whole radio unit. Problem solved.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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