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Ok, so I had a new driveshaft installed by a company here in Wichita which happens to make drive line parts. The driveshaft went in just fine and looks great. It's 10 pounds lighter to boot.

Anyway, he was wanting to take apart the rear end to put in some upgraded half-shafts but ran out of time. It sounds like he had a bit of trouble with the parking brake cables, like there is some sort of special tool to release it. Of note, he did use the lever next to the shifter (it's an A8) to engage neutral while parked. I didn't notice anything while driving home and took the highway for a few miles. When I got to an exit and stopped I could definitely smell a hot brake and also noted smoke coming from the driver side rear wheel well. I pulled over and looked closer and it was definitely coming from the parking brake, not the rear caliper/pads. I didn't notice anything else on what I could look at on the side of the road.

I then pushed the parking brake pedal which at about the halfway point sort of "popped" and continued further down. I disengaged it and repeated but this time it was smooth going down and up as usual. I let the car roll a little and it seemed like it rolled easier than it did before I pulled over from a slow speed before pushing and releasing the parking brake. To be clear, the parking brake was not partially engaged and the "brake" light wasn't on while I was driving initially. It did come on when I intentionally pushed it down. It wasn't far to home, so I took it slow and put a fan on the brake when home. Ambien temp was about 89 degrees at that point.

The next morning I took it out for a short spin, thinking I had fixed it, and checked the brake. No smell or feeling like it was dragging. It was cooler that morning though. Well, when I was coming home from work it was a bit warmer and I didn't stop to check but when I got home last night I could faintly smell the hot brake again. So, either it's just wearing off from the initial insult of getting so hot it was smoking or it's still partially engaged. I suppose it could be warped or something from the hot/cold cycle but I'm not sure. That's where you all come in. I plan on taking it in tomorrow but wanted to see if you all had any information to help me. I appreciate it.

TL;DR - Had some rear end work done, now parking brake might still be partially engaged.

Also, here are the pictures of the new shaft. Old shaft on the left on the floor.
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