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Parking Lights...

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Not sure if this topic has been covered on a previous thread but I'd like to know if the color of the halo parking lights can be changed from white to amber? I've reviewed all available settings within U-Connect and can't seem to locate this feature. Is the color change possible and if so how's it done? Thanks-
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I would assume the drl setting would be on for Canadian cars if the setting was required. If not, then I would think they would allow you to set that up since its a requirement there. If you have a manual transmission, once you release the ebrake, the Amber lights come on. They are all white while ebrake is on...why? I don't know...o_O
They put that feature with the eBrake on just to see how many times you would get out of your car, go to the front, and verify if the buttons you set were correct. I think the programmers called it the "Tammie Do-Loop" :D
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