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Part needed from anybody who has replaced the CAI from their 2019-2022 Hellcat or Redeye Challenger

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Hey, guys.

Ran into a bit of an issue. Broke the large band clamp that secures the intake hose to the air filter assembly (part number 4 in the diagram below), and for whatever reason the part has been discontinued as a stand alone item. You're now required to buy the entire intake hose assembly for $700 just to get a clamp. Grrrrr. If any of you who have replaced your CAI and no longer need the clamp (PN 5038822AA) would sell yours to me, I'd be deeply appreciative.



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Go to the hardware store and buy a clamp for $3
I would like to keep things looking OEM
I'll make a phone call tomorrow and see if I can locate a clamp.
WOW. That would be awesome. Thanks!
I had my buddy run the part number, it comes back refer in 60 days. No dealers or PDC's show inventory, currently one on backorder facing fill on august 15th. Part number also comes up with no supply source, and they are working to obtain part availability data. He believes it will either be superseded or discontinued.
hey, thanks for the effort, brother. I really appreciate it
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No problem. I’m waiting to hear back from another friend who can take a more in depth look. It’s just strange because the part is listed as an 18-23 year block, so discontinuation is puzzling, yet Mopar has done stuff like this before.
Let me know when you hear from him. Sadly, my cynical side feels like they discontinued it to force folks to spend $700 of the whole assembly. Band clamps fail all the time, so it makes me wonder what a dealer has to do when they service a car that needs the clamp...
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I finally heard back from my other friend. He said the part is unpriced, $0.00. Cannot determine ETA, 0 dealerships in the country have the part. Finally Mopar currently does not have a supply source, and it currently cannot be ordered.
Ugh. Thanks for the effort, brother. Appreciate it.
No problem. I’ve been spanning the eBay listings as a last resort and unfortunately all I can find are for ‘15-‘17 cars. I presume in ‘18 or possibly ‘19 they changed the hose dimensions, as all the hellcats from that point forward come with the open box cold air filter from the factory.
yeah, in ‘19 both the Hellcat and Redeye Challengers got the open airbox that was fed by the new twin duct hood. It came with the new duct.
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